Isokinetic Max Strength Balance Assessment

Isokinetic strength test to show the strength deficit between limbs (healthy and injured)

Multi-speed execution in the same setup

The gold-standard for strength assessment. Easier and faster

Eccentric Strength Evaluation

Isokinetic testing of the eccentric strength expression

Complete analysis with graphs and curves visualization between left and right limbs

The safest and more precise way to test your eccentric strength

Isokinetic Concentric/Eccentric Ratio Test

Isokinetic test for the assessment of the concentric and the eccentric capacity of the agonist muscle

Force curves analysis and visualization of the deficit between concentric and eccentric performance

Isometric Max Strength Assessment

Multi-angle isometric max strength test in the same session

Graphic visualization and analysis of the strength deficit between left and right limb

Power Test

Incremental-until-failure test to assess power expression at different loads

Graphic visualization of the speed-power profile related to the applied loads

Quick, customizable, effective