Kineo is the advanced machine equipped with a powerful electric engine in combination with a smart software that allows to work with DIFFERENT LOADS between the CONCENTRIC and ECCENTRIC phase in order to get the maximum efficiency in sport training and rehabilitation.

Kineo Intelligent Load

Kineo offers a complete evaluation system, with isokinetic, isometric and dynamic tests, and 7 training methods for a high-level qualitative work in both rehabilitation and high-performance training.

Kineo Leg Press

Discover the main features of the KINEO Leg Press machine and enjoy a brief description of the different training methods and tests available with KINEO Leg Press.

10 Reasons for choosing Kineo Intelligent Load

Eccentric/Concentric Biphasic Load

Kineo allows you to work with DIFFERENT LOADS between the Concentric and Eccentric Phase to get maximum efficiency in training and rehabilitation.

The Assessment that you have never done before

The Lower Limb Recovery Specialist


Perform exercises and jumps without your own body weight with KINEO LEG PRESS ELASTIC MODE.

Define the initial and the final load and experience the advantage to recover the main lower limb injuries like JUMPER’S KNEE, ACHILLES TENDINOPATHY AND ACL RECONSTRUCTION.

Smart Viscous – Water Training for a Rehabilitation without pain

Variable Load for a precise training

Kineo allows to BUILD A LOAD CURVE based on the specific needs of the subject in order to:

Overload Jump Training

Real-Time Biofeedback to reach your target

Kineo provides visual and acoustic feedbacks during the exercise to guide the user towards the set goal.

Functional Training

Shoulder Rehab

Combining VISCOUS, ELASTIC, and DIFFERENTIATED LOAD modes of Kineo you can easily perform functional exercises for all common shoulder dysfunctions, like GLENOHUMERAL INSTABILITY, SCAPULOTHORACIC DYSKINESIS, ROTATOR CUFF TENDINOPATHY.

Hamstring Injury Recovery